This website is sponsored  by the Dixon Chapter of the  Solano County Taxpayers Association (SCTA)  to ensure the citizens within the  Dixon Unified School District  have access to the tools and resources they need to ensure Measure Q  bond money and taxpayer dollars are going towards their intended purposes and are used responsibly. Here you will find contact information for CBOC members, as well as agendas, minutes, contracts, reports. Stay tuned for the latest updates, correspondence, videos, and news articles on Measure Q.

We appreciate the efforts of the staff of Dauntless Communications  for helping us in the creation of this website.


Bond Oversight Committee Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee is to Independently review the planning, execution and expenditure of the Measure Q bond proceeds to ensure payments are made only for the modernization and upgrade of DUSD schools; and report conclusions to the public as intended by the bond measure and provisions of the Ed Code.