School District Thumbs Nose At Public 2/18/2018

What Is Dolan Hiding and Why?

By Mike Ceremello, February 9, 2018

What happens when you vote to give the Dixon Unified School District millions of dollars to renovate their schools? Once they get our money it appears they don’t want anyone to know how they are spending it until after the funds are spent.

Measure Q was passed in November 2016 by 60% of the voters and gave the district $30.4 million to renovate the old high school and Anderson Elementary. This bond now is in addition to another $29 million which was used to build the new high school. There is also talk from the school board about going out for another bond to reconstruct Tremont Elementary which is composed of portables unlike Gretchin Higgins which is a group of permanent structures.

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Dixon School District misses deadline to form bond oversight panel 3/16/2017

By Ryan McCarthy – March 16, 2017

DIXON — The superintendent for the Dixon School District apologized to the Solano County Taxpayers Association for missing a Monday deadline to form a bond oversight committee after the Nov. 8 passage of the $30.4 million Measure Q school bond.

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Dixon taxpayers group launches Measure Q Oversight website 10/4/2018

By Nick Sestanovich | |
October 4, 2018 at 3:15 pm

The Dixon chapter of the Solano County Taxpayers Association (SCTA) launched a website recently to provide residents with access to documents regarding Dixon Unified School District’s Measure Q bond funds.

Measure Q is a $30.4 million revenue initiative that was passed by Dixon voters in 2016 to provide funds for construction and renovation projects at DUSD schools. Such projects include reopening the old Dixon High School site as a new middle school, repairs and renovations at Anderson Elementary School, and providing security and safety improvements and Americans with Disabilities Act compliance upgrades at all the district schools.

Following the passage of Measure Q, the school board established a Citizens Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) made up of independent volunteers in Aug. 2017 to ensure that the Measure Q money would only be spent on its projects. Per Proposition 39, which was approved by California voters in 2000, school districts that pass bond measures are required to have a CBOC that meets at least once a year and provide information to the public about bond revenues.

DUSD’s website has information and documents on Measure Q, as does the third-party website However, SCTA members expressed frustration that not all the documents were in one place. With the assistance of Roseville public relations firm Dauntless Communications, the SCTA launched with the goal of providing a user-friendly one-stop shop for Measure Q-related documents, including CBOC meeting agendas and minutes, videos of CBOC and school board meetings, contact information for CBOC members, annual and interim reports, committee bylaws and the full text of Measure Q itself. The site also plans to host news articles on Measure Q and has a feature where visitors can provide suggestions regarding the site’s contact.

The site can be accessed at

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