CBOC Training Info

This page was created to offer informational documents and videos for CBOC members, or any interested parties, that would like to know more about CBOC best practices. Much of this information can be found HERE, at the CalBOC website. Click on the document to view and/or download.


CBOC Best Practices Guide


Proposition 39 basics Michael Day.

Training seminar on the parts of the California Education Code that pertain to the implementation Proposition 39 oversight. Includes Informing the public on bond expenditures. (approx: 9 minutes)

CaLBOC Training Video Lesson 1: Proposition 39

CaLBOC Training Video Lesson 1. Propostion 39 School Bond Measures overview. Includes: What is Prop 39 – Requirements of Prop 39 – the purpose of bond oversight committees (CBOCs) – CBOC meeting procedures requirements. (approx: 8 minutes)